Monday, November 14, 2011

Why an omniscient foe will always lose a game of chicken

Why an omniscient foe will always lose a game of chicken:
Find out how omniscience can let one opponent make a chump of another in one paradoxical game but get completely trounced in another. Game theory at its weirdest, folks.

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  1. First, the purely hypothetical thought experiment aside, the Epistemologically Privileged Position is not possible for the Epistemological Inferior Player (EIP/you-and-me). The EIP really does face a genuine challenge at ‘chicken’: the EIP has no way actually to know whether a given opponent is omniscient. So, the EIP who contrives such a hypothetical contest is invalidly stepping outside his own epistemologically inferior skin.

    Second, even without the first, the Epistemologically Privileged Player (EPP), namely the Omniscient, knows how to make the EIP change his mind and veer at the last second.

    Third, the EEP has no duty to preserve the life of the EIP in face of the EIP’s arrogant foolishness. The EIP, in contriving the hypothetical contest, is committing an arrogant act of superstition about his own epistemological power. So, the EEP knows the long-term wider benefits of forcing the EIP to live or die by the consequences of the EIP’s own choices in daring the EEP to such a contest.



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